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Did you guys see the newest pattern by Halfmoon Atelier??  It's called the Boat Neck Anegada, and it's 200% up my style alley.  When I saw Meghann hinting that she would be needing testers for it, I maaaay have stalked her instragram daily to make sure I didn't miss the official call, I might have even put away come deep stash terry for just the occasion as well (spoiler alert:  Creepy as it may have been, it paid off and I got to be a tester :o) ).  Can you blame me's slouchy, comfy, practical, but also has just a hint of clavicle.  What's more enticing than that right??

As always with a pattern I love, I already have more fabric waiting in the wings to sew up a second version, but I've been waiting for my job and general life to give me a little bit of breathing room to get it done.  Just wait... I anticipate this becoming a... [read more]
Hello there! Today we will be assembling our Velveteen Rabbit PDF files and cutting our fabric.

If you still need the pattern, you can get it here, and use code VELVETEEN for 10% off through November 27th.

The pattern is designed to be printed on a home printer on 8.5"x11" paper. Make sure that you print the pattern at 100% (I have to turn off "scaling" on my printer). After you print, check the test square on the first page of the pattern with a ruler-- make sure it measures exactly 1 inch or 4 cm.

Some of the pattern pieces are larger than will fit on 8.5"x11" paper, so the first 4 pages need to be taped together. Match the triangles and tape together pages, matching the triangles. For a secure and accurate join between two pages trim off the margin of one page and tape it to the side that still has the margin.

Pages 5, 6, and 7 don't need to be... [read more]

Greetings, fellow Sewcialists!   Syreeta Briana here, sending you warm sewing wishes from the Big Apple.  You can find me sharing most of my sewing adventures on Instagram (@syreetabriana) though I’ve also been known to blog on occasion.

So we’re here to talk about TNTs.  For me, whipping up a TNT is the sewing equivalent curling up with a delightful novel and a pot of steaming hot tea. *aaahhhh*

While I do sew a range of pattern lines, Cashmerette Patterns, by Jenny Rushmore, is my absolute favorite.   In case you’ve been living under a rock, these patterns are for built for curve-rich figures.  I love how each pattern automatically includes adjustments for swaybacks, pillowy hips, and bountiful bosoms (up to a G/H cup).  It’s rare that I have to do more than add a little length to accommodate my height and narrow the shoulders.

What makes most... [read more]

So this is just a quick post because it dawned on me that I haven't shared the latest review I did for Minerva Crafts!   The fabric used was padded jersey which also comes in black and camel. Which was like a super soft snuggly quilted jersey! And the pattern is an old one by prima. but I loved how it went together!  Anyway if you want to read my whole post you can find it here.

To celebrate one year Hanne Vandersteen Lingerie + to kick off the holiday season…you get a gift!

Save 15% on all lingerie today!

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By now you should have a good start on your Christmas decorating. In week one, we discussed selecting a theme and adorning your front … More kid-friendly bread pudding that rocks »

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There was so much more to learn from Prym's dvd instruction video for espadrilles.

I received this pack and have only just had the chance to go through it in more detail. There is a Prym YouTube video that is great to get your started.
I watched this video when I made my first pair of espadrilles last year.

This year I have more Prym espadrille tools and the Prym dvd gave me a lot more information about making better 'store bought' espadrilles.
The dvd runs through the full details of making these 3 classic espadrilles. The information in this dvd gives you so much more information to make great espadrilles!
These are the Prym tools I had to work with. I'm quite grateful to the lovely people at Prym for providing these tools to make more espadrilles.
This Espadrille tool kit saved my fingers. Last time I made espadrilles, the stitching stressed my fingers. This year I... [read more]
Thanks to Sew Hayley Jane for providing a box for review and a box to give away!

Sew Hayley Jane recently reached out to me to do a little review here of her subscription boxes and since I know y'all love giveaways, how could I say no? She's been mailing these lovely dressmaking and craft boxes to UK sewists for a while now but she's just started shipping to the US (yay!) so now us Americans can get our grubby little mitts on her adorable boxes! There are three sizes available and this is the medium size, which contains 2.5 meters of dressmaking fabric, 4 fat quarters, and a bunch of little notions and gifts. The smaller box is the same but with 1 meter of fabric and 3 fat quarters, and the larger box has 5 fat quarters and up to 3.5 meters of dressmaking fabric--that's practically 4 yards, FYI--and also includes an indie sewing pattern!

In my... [read more]

I have some mixed feelings about this weekend. The stories we tell over Thanksgiving are often a glorified re-imagining of our country’s history. The frenzied shopping that happens can overshadow what Thanksgiving can and should be about – giving thanks.

What I don’t have any mixed feelings about is how thankful I am. I’m thankful for friends, family, health, happiness, comfort, creativity. I’m thankful for sewing. I’m thankful for you, my sewing friends and community. And at its core, Thanksgiving is about being thankful. And I really truly am.

To express my appreciation for you, SeamstressErin Designs has all patterns on sale this long weekend (today through Monday) 20% off. Use the code “Thanksgiving”.

The post Thankfulness Sale! 20% Off Patterns Through Monday is by SeamstressErin Designs. If you have found it elsewhere, please let her know!

This photo tutorial illustrates how to make a tassel.  Tassels are great to add a professional look to your handmade bags and they are very easy to make. Thanks to Lisa Perea from Cork and Cloth for sponsoring this post. Lisa has kindly offer 10% … Read More

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If you are in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! 

The Velveteen Rabbit sewalong will continue tomorrow, but today join us for a Give Thanks Sale!
 Unlikely Handmade Etsy Store

10% off PDF patterns in the Etsy Store with code: VELVETEEN through Monday, November 27th.

Have a great holiday everyone!

Another quick and easy make.  This took me from cut to finish maybe an hours.  It is just a cute little est that I throw on over a tank and some jeans when I need a quick fix or a Tshirt dress and add a belt.  

Pattern Deets:

2.   I used Plaid Woven  (Pattern calls for a two way knit only)
3.   I graded the pattern 2 inches to compensate for the woven fabric 

Happy Sewing!

Hi Sewcialists!

Welcome to the third weekly round-up of patterns for this quarter’s TNT theme. I’m Claire (@claireecollie) and I’m not sure if the TNT button down shirt on my sewing table will be made up by the end of the month. Christmas present sewing has jumped the queue.

This week I’ve been collecting projects that have been posted on Instagram this week under the hashtag #sewcialistsTNT. If we missed you, it might be because you have a private account or we accidentally missed it, so please leave a link to your IG picture or blog post in the comments!

I organized this week’s IG posts by category, however @ailycia shared a whole outfit of TNT’s:

Instagram Photo

Dresses and Skirts

@sewdynamics TNT pattern is the Moneta dress from Colette

Instagram Photo
M6886 is a TNT for @tangerineshark. Does anyone else consider this popular pattern a TNT in their... [read more]

On a recent episode of the Love To Sew podcast, Caroline from Blackbird Fabrics mentioned that she sometimes feels underdressed or frumpy when she wears all-knit outfits. All-knit outfits are my fashion comfort zone, so that got me thinking: What makes an outfit “secret pyjamas”, and not just pyjamas? 

I’ve got a few ideas, and I hope you’ll contribute your own in the comments! I’m specifically thinking about cold-weather outfits, because it’s easy enough to throw on a knit dress in summer and be stylish, but layering is more of a challenge.


1. A Mix of Textures

I think this might be the most important strategy, and it’s one I’ve been working on incorporating this year. If I’m wearing a polyester ITY dress, I wear rayon leggings; if I’m wearing a textured knit like the far right dress, then I can get away with ITY leggings. I also... [read more]

‘Oriental’ BHS10 – front

Unlike yesterday,  I’ve engage my brain today.  I’ve made up the second bra kit and this one has been quite successful.  The difference is probably down to my approach.  Yesterday, I took a design and tried to make it fit the fabrics.  Today,  I did it the other way around.  Here is the process.

First up, the fabrics. 

bra kit

  • The lace is rigid – so it needs to go in the cups, bridge or as a small decoration.  The swirls in the lace suggest butterfly wings.
  • The lycra is very firm, no need for powerstretch backing.  Probably best to pick up the smaller sprays of colour and help frame the lace
  • I’m going to ignore the colours of the elastics for the most part.  The decollete elastic disintegrated at soon as I put some tension on it.  The band elastic matches the lace – good.  The armhole elastic is lavender – nice but it would be the... [read more]
  I gotta tell you some “stuff” since  my last post. You may or may not know that not quite a year ago we relocated from the sunshine state to southeastern Georgia.  Long story short, a friend’s husband went on to glory after 20 plus years of marriage.  This was his hometown, she sojourned with him …

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Sometimes I want really easy sewing projects.  I wanted something I could throw over my head and keep moving.  This pattern fits the bill.   I made this dress using a very stretchy Jersey Knit.  I was the perfect weight and color for this project. 

I could wear a belt for more of a finished look or just be cool and comfy wearing it loosely.  Either way it can be dressed up or down depending on the look your going for.

Pattern Deets:

2.   I used a JerseyKnit 
3.   I self lined top and finished the hems with a coverstitch machine
4.   I add about 2 inches too the side seams of the bottom for fullness with gathers
5.   I would recommend as it is a very quick and easy pattern

Happy Sewing!
Is there anything more magical than when a toile (aka stunt garment) turns into something that you can actually wear. In public. I think not!

Behold my very wearable toile of the Seamwork Saide jumper that I whipped last Sunday. I wanted to make this jumper as I thought it might be a good item to take with me to Japan when we go for Christmas/NYE. The fabric is from the Remnant Warehouse - definitely 100% synthetic and only wearable in the depths of winter when breathability isn't really an issue. I do like the colour though - you certainly won't miss me in a crowd (coupled with my red beanie I'll look like a Christmas tree...hmmm).

This was a very easy sew - so much so that I left the printed booklet at work and didn't suffer from not having the instructions. I did read them online however and decided to stabilise the shoulder seams with some clear elastic... [read more]

I absolutely love the simplicity of this top.  I am really starting to like these simple New Look patterns. They make, making a garment quick and simple with several variations to receive different looks . It was such a quick make I was not even going to post about it.  But I decided to do a quick post because the color popped and the fabric is heavenly.  It's a Techno textured knit.  It is a 4 way stretch that I picked up at Fine Fabrics in Atlanta.    The Fabric is so soft.  

I could literally see a closet full of these tops.  You can dress them up or down, it really is a great wardrobe staple.

Pattern Deets:

2.   I used a Techno Knit with texture
3.   I hemmed the bottom and sleeves using my coverstitch machine
4.   I added 3 inches to the belt tie so that it could wrap around my body, the pattern makes for it to tie... [read more]

Just a friendly reminder as we enter the holiday season and the shudder-inducing, pathological consumption of “Black Friday” approaches: we don’t need all that STUFF. We’re better with less.

Stuff is what created the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an unfathomably huge area of plastic waste that doesn’t biodegrade, leaches harmful chemicals into the sea, and kills marine life. The manufacturing, shipping, packaging, and discarding of all our unnecessary stuff is killing the planet.

Stuff needs to be stored, cleaned, taken care of, packed, moved, recycled, re-homed, or disposed of. That’s time, energy, and money better spent on things that matter.

Stuff doesn’t make us happy. Experiences do. Experiences tend to bring us together with other humans and social connections are a key to happiness. Stuff demands our time and energy leaving less time for nurturing social... [read more]

Welcome to Day 1 of the Velveteen Rabbit Sew Along. Today we'll be talking about one of my favorite things: fabric! We'll also talk about the other supplies you'll need to make your rabbit.

The Velveteen Rabbit Pattern is made for a medium-weight woven fabric. This is mostly for durability and to help hold the stuffing firmly in place. However, you can still make your bunny out of a stretchy or lighter weight fabric-- you just need to underline it or add a layer of interfacing to your fabric, and we'll talk about that on Day 2.

You'll need 1/2 yard of fabric for the body, then another fat quarter or 1/2 yard of fabric for the belly and inner ears. These could be the same fabric or contrasting fabrics. 

Velveteen is technically an imitation velvet that is a short pile woven fabric. I have yet to find a reliable source of true velveteen fabric--... [read more]

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine. Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand. This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something from Cricut I may earn a small commission. The money I earn from affiliate links and sponsorships helps me to improve the blog. Thank you for supporting Maker Style!


Guys, after years of saying "I can't quilt", I finally jumped in and MADE A QUILT. 

But not just a little baby quilt to ease myself into the craft. No, this is a huge, queen-sized quilt for my bedroom. This quilt is so big I can't even hold it up without it dragging on the floor. (Hence why full-length pictures are few and far between in this post - haha) 

Now, it's not... [read more]

I was out with my sister and her girlfriends during my recent visit to Copenhagen and of course, we love to talk. A lot. My sister is really passionate about psychology and usually, these outings tend to turn into impromptu pour-it-all-out sessions where we lay things out for analysis. And the first thing that spilt out of me was about how much sewing means to me, but also how guilty I feel about it completely taking over my life. So I started thinking about this a bit more. Clearly, there are many positive effects of sewing on our lives. We create, we unwind, we connect, we escape reality. We surround ourselves with beautiful fabric, we create beautiful clothes that fit the bodies that we have, not that the ones that the fashion industry says we should have. But is this all there is to it? Sometimes I find myself feeling overwhelmed as often as... [read more]

I was asked to participate in a competition with "That Sewing Blab", a Face Book sewing community.  There contest is a 3 Round competition where you receive a mystery item and you have to incorporate it into a garment.   The applique in the pictures was the mystery item.

When I received it, I wasn't sure waht to do with it as it was little large.  I didn't want to just place it on a top or jacket, it is very beautiful, these pictures does it no justice.  So I decided to make me a Peplum Belt, I had saved several peplum belts on my Pinterest board previously so I had some inspiration to work with.   

My belt was self drafted and I used the Applique as a closure.  I made a 4 inch waistband and a made two half circles that I pleated in the front and back.  It was a quick make, and I love the way it came out.  Oh and I won the first challange.

Happy Sewing!

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