I submitted a research masters at the end of 2016. It dominated my existence in 2015 and 2016. A research masters meant I did a thesis not coursework, 35 000 words later and I am relieved beyond belief that it is all over!

My graduation date was the end of September and I needed an outfit. Something that worked with a black academic gown, black mortar board and bright cherry red hood. Something like this:

I played with colours and silhouettes and realised I needed something that would support the weight and colour of the gown, not compete with it. So neutral, but not boring.

I decided on black trousers and a nice blouse. I needed a collar to hold and provide structure for the gown. I had to have buttons to anchor the hood. The gown is heavy, a knit would not cope, it had to be a woven fabric. Enter Vogue 8689, view B, and cream silk twill from the Remnant... [read more]

Lynn Mizono V1312

I went on quite a journey with my latest make for Minerva. Here’s the glossy photoshoot – for the warts and all lowdown on my attempt at Lynn Mizono Vogue 1312, head over to my post up on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.

Lynn Mizono V1312 Lynn Mizono V1312 Lynn Mizono V1312 Lynn Mizono V1312 Lynn Mizono V1312

This week, as well as the last three, have been focused on sewing custom AeroPress burlap bags for our friends at Roos Roast in Ann Arbor. I wanted to share a few sneak peek photos of the bags in process. My sewing room is a mess right now, but it's entirely for a good reason!

These bags are fun to make, and I am very proud of how the first batch has turned out. Since I have made so many of these, I now have template wooden pattern pieces made my husband made for me. It makes the cutting process much faster as I can use the wooden template, my Gingher rotary cutter, and a cutting mat to slice through the nylon, cotton, interfacing, and faux leather quickly. Cutting is typically my least favorite part of sewing. The wooden templates help me batch the pieces out quickly and spend less time cutting and more time sewing.

This is a short update but I wanted to drop in to say hello and share my progress. I hope you have a great weekend ahead!

NL 6549 denim 1

Slogan tees. 

What do you think of slogan tees? 

I am well and truly on the fence.

I live in a country, well at least a city, where documenting your alma mater, sporting and all kinds of other allegiances, any kind of achievement, vacation destinations, social and political persuasions, children's school, hometown, favourite TV show, favourite food, basically every aspect of your life, on your chest via a t-shirt (or head via a ball cap for that matter) is a totally unremarkable and normal part of every day attire.  

This is one of those subtle differences between the UK and the US, which when people ask you to explain why the two are so culturally different, you can't think of any examples, but then, when the conversation is long over and it's kind of weird to bring it all up again, you remember stuff like this.

In England, t-shirt allegiances fall into... [read more]

Thank you for all the love for The Coat, the weather hasn't been cold enough to wear it, but I've no doubt that will change soon.

As mentioned in The Coat post, I made it while watching Doctor Who.  I'd stopped watching Doctor Who after David Tennant, because that last episode nearly finished me - and all I can say is "what an idiot was I?"!!  It turns out I am stupidly excited about Jodie Whittaker being the new Doctor, so I've watched all of Matt Smith, and one and a bit series of Peter Capaldi.

And I don't know why, maybe winter coat making madness, but I decided I needed a Doctor Who themed dress.  A bit of googling found this fabulous exploding Tardis fabric, which is based on a Vincent Van Gogh painting from an episode called "The Pandorica Opens".

And, really, what's not to love about a dress with exploding Tardis's on it!  The dress itself is the good... [read more]

Refashion A Lady Skater Dress Into Two Garments

Do you refashion any of your handmade clothes? I don’t think I ever have before but this Lady Skater Dress was calling out to be…

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Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing the Butterick 5209 I made to wear to our friend's wedding on Catalina Island. I made it along with the seahorse dress and a light blue and white striped Moneta (which I have yet to blog about). I decided to go with a nautical theme for all of my outfits since the wedding was on an island (yes, I'm a weirdo). Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos of the dress on Catalina, so I took some photos last weekend in Guadalupe, a little town near the ocean a few miles from Santa Maria. It's known for the huge sand dunes nearby and it was the filming location for the 1923 film "The Ten Commandments." The crew actually left most of the props behind after filming and they were covered up by the sand. Some have now been excavated and you can see them in the little historical museum in town!

Anyway... I used Butterick... [read more]

Come join me on a personal tour of Sharadha’s closet full of gorgeous handmades in the latest Clothes Making Mavens Podcast!

These are some of Sharadha’s –aka Sweet Shard‘s– garments we’re drooling over:


Sharadha’s Red Velvet Sheath Dress
Sharadha’s Drop-Shoulder Bomber Jacket
Sharadha’s Oversized Winter Coat

You can hear the complete podcast over at

Clothes Making Mavens - a sewing podcast about handmade fashion

Thanks for stopping by!

— Lori


Hi everyone! Can you believe I completely forgot to write a post about my most worn garment of late summer / early autumn? Like always, it started with the fabric.

I found this wonderful eyelet jersey during an early summer sale at the fabric market. At first I wanted to make a sleeveless top but quickly decided this fabric was too good to use for a garment I could only wear incidentally during our chilly summer.

I went through my sewing magazines and although I liked the look of all patterns with statement sleeves most of them had rather high necklines. That's when I brought out my favourite v-neck version of the Cashmerette Patterns Concord t-shirt. I measured the circumference of the sleeve hem and drafted a full circle extension.
Well, maybe it had to do with the white eyelet but everytime I looked down I felt I was wearing my... [read more]

I’m back for the second part of my recap of Camp Workroom Social. In part 1, I talked all about the weekend and answered some questions I received on Instagram about the weekend. Here in part two, I’m going to be chatting all about the intensive I took and my lessons learned from the weekend. […]

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Sculpt my own frozen ice bucket? I should be worrying more about the food for my upcoming dinner party than the decor, but I … More DIY ice bucket »

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Whoa! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I feel like I should apologize, but then, I’ve always been more of a social media lurker than a participant anyway. Plus, there hasn’t been a ton of sewing going on here, until I needed a dress for a wedding we went to a couple of weeks ago. Coincidentally, that’s why I’m here today. 😉

I’ve had my eye on Lekala 4437 for quite a while, at least since Hila made hers last winter. Her version is gorgeous and she looks fantastic in it. I’m not sure I pulled it off quite as well, but I really like how it turned out, just the same.

Now you may be wondering how it became the Mrs. Frizzle dress, since I don’t tend to name my clothes. My husband named it. He saw the fabric that I made it in and thought it looked like something Mrs. Frizzle would wear on a trip into space, and it stuck. I’m taking it as a... [read more]

Who We Are (8)

We asked community members over 5’9″ to tell us what it’s like to be tall and sew. We had so many interesting comments and submissions from tall sewists that we are breaking it into two parts, with the second post coming soon!


We asked: What patterns work best for you, and what adjustments do you need to make? Are you ever envious of short sewists (like me!) being able to squeeze a garment from less fabric? Is being tall normal in your country, or has it made you self-conscious? Does sewing help you dress the way to always wanted to? Please let us know!

Ebi from Making the Flame /@makingtheflame says, 

All patterns work for me, because I alter them accordingly! I do often lengthen things — just recently, I added 5″ (~12.75cm) to the Charlie Caftan in order to make it floor length on me — in flats, no less. I am never envious of short people... [read more]

Today, I bring you the last of my holiday outfit photos. These pictures were taken on an early morning tour of the Alcazaba of Málaga, a beautiful eastern-influenced castle ruin from the 11th century. 

It is a well-known fact, that when a seamstress is going on a holiday, no matter the duration or destination, she needs a fresh, new wardrobe to bring with her. And being the seamstress that she is, she is going to make it herself in a matter of days before departure.

That seamstress might be me. 

Luckily, I had a stack of new, fresh summer dresses that hadn't been worn due to the crappy summer weather, so I told myself I only really needed to make this one outfit. 

I made this blouse back in September, just a few days after the pattern was released. It is, of course, the Rita Blouse from Charm Patterns by Gertie.

The fabric was a small scrap of floral cotton poplin... [read more]
My last Plum Week entry is certainly not the most glamorous, but is sure to be the most worn: pajama pants!

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Earlier this week, I fulfilled a long-time wish and purchased a pair of Dr. Martens. I’ve loved them since I was in college, but for some reason, I never got around to purchasing them until now. It was a want and spending over $100 for a pair of boots, isn’t something I typically do. But… Dr. Martens, tend to last a long time especially if they’re well maintained. I take great care of my items. I much prefer quality over quantity and so, I finally purchased a pair. The standard black shoelaces were instantly discarded and replaced with these shoelaces.

Just look at them, how can you not like them? Yes, I crafted them myself.


Recycled photo of my bias tape machine


That bias tape was created with leftover scraps from a bolero jacket that I’d designed and crafted for my daughter when she was nine years old, so… five years ago.

Where did I get the shoelaces? I made... [read more]

Denim is my happy fabric and when you mix it with Faux Fur it's just FUN!  This project for for BERNINA USA and if you want to know how I did it, hop on over the and check out the process!

We are looking for interesting sewing questions that "Ask Carolyn" can explore and educate. 
So if you have a question bring it on!

Today turned out to be such a bust, I was going to be all productive and stuff. Ya know take blog photos, sew some stuff, finish my bladdy winter jumper which seems to be taking FOREVER! Instead I drank copious amounts of tea, snuggled under the piece of fabric I was suppose to be cutting out and watched teen mom two [FYI don't judge me its well better than Eastenders]  And then I watched
It's time to share! Sorry for the delay in getting this link-up posted -- please share a link to your Literary Sewing Circle inspired creation below. We'll keep this link-up open until Oct 31, so you have lots of time to finish up your inspired make and share it.


Since Sophie was released, there’s been a million and one amazing makes of this swimsuit. The consensus: it is well drafted, stylish, and achievable.

Line drawings of Sophie Swimsuit.

But I can’t be the only one thinking looks great, but will it fit my mega-boobs? Let’s be real, that’s what I’m thinking about every swimsuit pattern ever, while giving it the side eye and debating if I’m going to put in the time only to be left swaying in the breeze. Because when I’m at the beach or pool, I just want the baggage to stay in place, so I can get on with swimming, jumping about, being awesome, etc. And sometimes that very simple wish seems like a tall order.

Here’s what I wanted in a swimsuit pattern:

  • Actually a swimsuit pattern.
  • Available in my cup size.
  • Underwires for support.
  • Simple, classic styling.

This basically didn’t exist, to my knowledge, when I was looking... [read more]

This post contains affiliate links.

Every now and then, I impulse-buy a fabric with a novelty print, thinking that I will be THAT cool mom with such quirky style. And then the fabric sits in my stash, because in truth, I'm a boring basics kind of mom. But when life (or your bad decision-making) gives you graphic prints, you make pajamas. That's a saying, I'm sure.

I've had this fox jersey for ages. It's from Girl Charlee, but it is not one of their modified reprints. If you've followed them at all you've likely seen this fabric, but printed by them with a lighter background. Personally, I love the dark background, I think it works better with the orangey-red and white of the foxes. I'm not sure where it originally came from, but I bought the very first batch they ever had.

Originally, I wanted to make a Day Tripper top for myself (exactly like this one, actually) but never... [read more]


I moved my winter stash down into the sewing room last week, and quickly found myself distracted by this knit velvet! It’s just a cheap remnant I bought last year, but it gave me a chance to practice before sewing with some of the patterned and burnout velvet in stock at Fabricland this season!

front back

The pattern is Seamstress Erin’s Ultraviolet tee. I made one in the summer in a hot pink silk noile knit, and unfortunately the silk-smell has meant I don’t wear that one much! It’s a great pattern for velvet though, because it’s so simple and loose. Minimal seams, minimal chance of velvet highlighting every roll of fat on my torso! I think this could be a great pattern for a sequined fancy top for the holidays.


Once again, though, the dart is way too low on me. I did size down, which shortened the hem and raised the dart a centimetre… but i think next time... [read more]

Lake Iseo
After getting our bag from the outskirts of Milano, we started our journey towards lake Garda. We like to take the smaller more scenic routes when we travel like this. It's a lot more fun to look around, enjoy the sites, maybe find a viewpoint here or there than drive the motorways.

Lake Iseo
My husband and I are a good team when it comes to this. He plans routes and becomes my GPS man and I drive. He planned this one so we passed by another lake on the way: Lake Iseo. Surrounded by a little slightly abandoned looking town but charming none the less, probably because it's so close to Milano that it's only a summer destination and this was already September, but it's really beautiful! The water, the mountains on the other shore, the little marina and all the little cafes by the water. We stopped for photos, took a look around and... [read more]
... I already have the uniform.

In all seriousness, I can't help but think this jacket would be perfect for a zookeeper who spends his or her life taking care of elusive creatures. Or is that just me?

I saw this jacket in one of the latest issues of Knipmode and decided to give them another chance. Usually their styles are way too basic for my taste, or they just don't look like something I'd wear. And even if I did want to wear them, the patterns seem to run so large it's ridiculous. They are drafted for someone who is almost 10 cm taller than me, but there just seems to be way too much ease all the way round. For this pattern I cut a size 36, which has a chest circumference that is about 6 cm smaller than my own, because the waist and hip sizes matched mine more closely and I figured I'd never wear this closed anyway. I can button this. No... [read more]
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