Fashion Revolution Inspired Seamwork Jane T-Shirt

To celebrate this year’s Fashion Revolution Week (which took place 22 – 28 April) I decided I wanted to make a garment which lived up to the ethics and ideals of the week. I didn’t have a lot of time to order fabric and sew a garment, so I thought I’d keep it simple with a slogan tee.

Fashion Revolution Inspired Seamwork Jane T-Shirt

The fabric for this tee was a Cream Marl Viscose Blend Jersey from Offset Warehouse. Offset Warehouse describe it as made from sustainable fibres (40% Cotton, 30% Viscose and 30% Polyester) and reclaimed from a high end manufacturer in the UK and stopped from heading to landfill.

The jersey is very fine and soft, with a subtle marl effect. It’s slightly transparent, so I am wearing a slip underneath in these photos.

Fashion Revolution Inspired Seamwork Jane T-Shirt

The pattern is the Seamwork Jane tee, which is a great loose fitting crew neck t-shirt pattern, and a perfect blank canvas for screenprinting (no darts). My... [read more]

#Stunning Scenaries, #Nature
This is New Look 6301, and is number six in my 2018 Make Nine and also my #sewtogetherforsummer entry.


This is a mock wrap dress with pleats on the bodice, and a straight or flared skirt.  It was reader Elaine Willis who put me onto this pattern, and this version was inspired by this amazing version by Mimi G that I came across when I googled the pattern number. 

My fabric is some poly jersey from The Textile Centre, and I made the sleeveless bodice of View D with the skirt from Views A and B, but lengthened the skirt to maxi length.  Also, I left off the waist tie.

The sizing had me scratching my head, as I should be a size 12, but when I compared the bodice pattern pieces with Vogue 8379 (which I made here in size 12), they pretty much matched with the size 8 - so that's what I went with.  I shortened the bodice by 3/4", and took Elaine's advice... [read more]

I love what I do.  When a client sends me a picture of a design they like.  I love that I can give my clients a replica of their desired look. This was a simple and fun top to make.  I literally just draped and sewed it together.   Tameka is a great client, she always gives me cute ideas.  Her style is effortless 

Happy Sewing!
This is one of my favorite items this spring.  I love it, just the simplicity of it makes it adorable.   I can dress this sleeveless top up or down.  With dress pants, shorts, or a skirt.  it is so very very versatile.  Its made of a lightweight shirting from Joann Fabric.   

Very quick and simple top to make. 

Happy Sewing!
My Anniversary jumpsuit.  I managed to make me a cute jumpsuit for my anniversary trip to Miami while sewing client projects. I wanted something cool and comfy to walk down south beach in and I didn't even get to wear it.  I wore shorts the whole time, and even when we went for dinner I ware a cute little dress.   I have since had several opportunities to wear it and it is going to be a great addition to my summer wardrobe.

The fabric is from Hobby Lobby, and its a a really nice rayon with a bit of mechanical stretch.  When I make it the next time, which I plan too.  I will take about an inch and a half front he waistline.  I have a short torso, so I had a little more fabric in that area.  I also made the straps a little wider so that I can wear a full bra.  

Happy Sewing!


It’s time for me to announce the winners of the Dress Like Your Grandma challenge. As stated in this challenge’s description, this is a non-competitive sewing challenge and not a contest. That means that there was no voting and no competition involved in choosing the prize winners. Winners were chosen randomly by me, using a random number generator. I made a list of the participants (50) and assigned each sewist a number. I then went down the list of prizes and used the random number generator to select each prize winner. I wish that I could have given everyone a prize, but just know that I appreciate all of you for joining in on this challenge and how much I have loved hosting this and seeing all of your lovely creations. Thank you to our generous sponsors for providing the prizes!

The Afternoon [dress and] blouse by Jennifer Lauren

I squeezed this out of a piece of [fairly pricey] textured linen.  I cut the size 18, and used silk organza for the interfacing. I don’t like the look of the giant button on the front, so I used 2 vintagey glass-looking  ones instead. [They may even be vintage glass, I don’t recall]  No buttonholes, they’re just for trim.

I cut this out a couple of days ago, and sewed the whole thing in about an hour and a half- it would have been quicker but the linen crumpled every few minutes and took a LOT of extra pressing and steam!

The instructions are very detailed [quite unnecessarily so] but would be great for a total beginner.  It’s very nicely drafted, and fits together with no fuss at all.  I’m considering making a trial version of the dress, but I’m probably more likely to make a few more as blouses- I need... [read more]

There’s something about digging in dirt that seeps into one’s soul. Into mine, at least. Although, when I was  young I hated being forced … More my french country garden – phase 1 »

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Me-Made May

Hi Sewists! I’m Gem, Yorkshire girl, mum to two energetic boys, science geek and owner of Bobbins and Bolts. You can find me over at This is my first post over here on the Sewcialists Blog!

As Me-Made May is drawing to a close for this year, I wanted to talk a little about how, to me, May shows off our lovely sewing community at its best.  I don’t simply mean in terms of actual items made, although I’m always gobsmacked to see how many different ways patterns are interpreted, I also mean in terms of the level of support people give to each other regardless of their experience and ability levels. I’ve personally been sewing for around 4 years, starting off as a quilter, drifting into bag making and then finally getting completely hooked on dressmaking almost 2 years ago. For me, it came at a time when my... [read more]

Hot on the heels of my delayed March review is this delayed April review! 😂 As with March, because this issue isn’t available on most newsstands anymore (except Australians, who’ll have to wait a few weeks to get it), I’ve included the links to the PDF versions of the patterns in case you see something you like!

First up is a shirtdress in Tall sizes (ProTip: if you’re new to Burda, just double your usual size to get your Tall size, or halve it to get your Petite size!). I quite like the high-low (“mullet”) hem on this, the wide collar, and the waist ties that look like shirt sleeves. The latter is a detail I’ve seen a lot of runways recently so it’s nice that Burda is picking up on this trend. [Dress PDF]

There’s a sporty feature in this issue that would usually make me all excited and frustrated in equal measure, but here “sporty” mostly just means golf,... [read more]

Hi friends! I’m back at long last with a new creation. It’s been a busy year as we’ve both been working full time, working on home projects, and we just took our belated honeymoon trip to New York and Washington DC. Needless to say I haven’t been getting nearly as[Read more]

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It’s been a strange kind of month sewing-wise, because I’ve been flitting around a little more than usual, adding little projects here and there. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, and I in no way feel I have to stick to any schedule, but this latest project – these Piper Shorts from Mood Fabrics – are a good example of what I mean. I received an email about this new free (yep – free!) pattern on Monday night and had them finished Wednesday afternoon.


Partly it’s because the warm weather has arrived and I’m thinking about cool clothes in the heat; the fact that it’s Me-Made-May has also contributed – I’ve made a few TNTs to fill wardrobe gaps I’ve identified, but will write a combined post about those later. The arrival of a baby girl also caused me a little diversion from my plans, as per my last post. All fun diversions and all... [read more]

While the Hermit Tarot card does ring true when it comes to me, in this instance I mean the behaviour/archetype I slip into when my husband is away.

And yes, he is away once again. This time for quite a bit longer than the other times.

We’ll be fine, we’re just a little out of practice for these longer runs as it’s been almost 3 years since his last major deployment or mission.

But I know that in a few days I will slip into my Hermit skin and silence will settle. It’s a comfortable silence, and I am not someone who needs people, so it’s a welcome silence as well.

I really don’t mind being alone – I’m never lonely, as I have my beautiful dogs with me – and I even like my own company.

It’s time for me to work to make some money, do some odd jobs and potter around our little cottage and the yard – try and get the grass to grow – and even do some chores for my mother-in-law at... [read more]


I have seen so many lovely makes on Instagram from Burda Style magazines, but non really screamed ‘make me’ until I found this pattern in the May edition.


I love stripes, and I immediately saw it in a lovely ocre and navy loop backed jersey I had in my stash, bought from Guthrie and Ghani.

I almost faltered when I opened up the pattern sheets, but once sussed it was easy to find the pieces I needed. The sleeve and neck bands were cut to given measurements. As usual, I didn’t have the recommended fabric length! So Tetris ensued as I only had a metre. I omitted the hem band as I only had scraps left after cutting out the vital pieces.


I wanted the joins to be accentuated by the stripes, and as the pieces are all cut single thickness this was relatively straight forward. The back and sleeve bands are folded double so the neck retains it’s... [read more]

Oki shirt pinned and ready to go

floral skirt likewise

Linen blouse ditto

Lots of resources prepped for interview tomorrow- yup

First GCSE exam of the year over and done with, with all attendant disasters and **** ups by the managers and admin-hell yeah


I’m going home to have a few drinks, some me-time, and maybe make up the blouse to wear tomorrow.  Frilly skirt pressed, ready to wow ’em!

Hope to be back with good news tomorrow, and to be celebrating at Birmingham Pride this weekend

Fingers crossed folks!

#EarthPorn, #MotherNature
If we've been living in the year of the romper (for what, three years? ha!) then I think we're finally entering into its newest incarnation: the year of the overall. Pour a cup of coffee because this post is a long one!

Back in March, I became totally obsessed with finding the "right" overall pattern for me (Pinterest board here). I had some specific details I wanted: button-up side opening, pockets on the back, bib not too high, available in a printed pattern, and more than one view in the envelope. I read every review I could find and was just about to pull the trigger on the Ronja Dungarees from Named, but I was quite hung up on the price tag. At $25, it would have been the most expensive pattern I've ever bought, and it only had one view. I couldn't imagine making it more than once, putting my cost per use pretty high. Perhaps that's too analytical, but when... [read more]

Gentleman Prefer Blondes famously taught the world that diamonds are a girls best friend, but I disagree. When you can paper piece 20 jewels, who needs a diamond?

Faceted Jewels II is my second project from Amy Garro’s book, Paper Pieced Modern and I am so thrilled with the finish.

If you want to learn paper piecing, buy this book!! Or even better, take a class with Amy. She visited my guild in 2016 and was a fabulous teacher. Both quilts I have made from her book are made up of one block which makes the cutting process nice and straight forward and you can get into a nice rhythm. If you’re thinking about getting into quilting I highly recommend foundation paper piecing. You sew over paper which helps you to be accurate, but also creates really great points. Plus, pulling the paper off at the end is so satisfying! Basically, whatever your skill level is, I think... [read more]

grey quilted top2

I really love cosy quilted knits like the one I have used for this tunic. Precisely because we barely get a frost on the sunny coast of NSW, nobody bothers much with proper heating, and sitting for hours on a computer in a chillly office has given me an appreciation for warm gear.

The design is a nod to the StyleArc Toni Designer Dress, without the CF and CB seams and the collar, shortened to tunic length. For an actual pattern I once again used my TNT t-shirt, the free Burdastyle Lydia, cut one size larger to accommodate the thicker, less stretchy fabric. The pointy bits are 20cm below the bottom of the armscyes, vertically measured, and the tunic is around 110cm wide there, then comes in again slightly towards the hem.


I usually just fold the neck edge inwards and coverstitch, but this time I cut the neck larger and added a wide band. I... [read more]

so no blog post.  I’ll be back next week with what I have been up to and my #MMMay18 summary! Happy Sewing!  Keep writing so I can keep reading! (Note:  “Gone Fishin” sign from “WoodnDoodads” on Etsy)
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