With cold weather arriving, I just found a moisturizer I’m totally digging – Acure Day Cream and Acure Night Cream. This brand meets all … More what i’m digging in october »

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Ever dream of making your own custom fabric? The Cricut Maker makes it SO easy! Check out this post to learn how I used it and my easy press to make an awesome cactus bra

Has anyone else been obsessed with Cacti lately? I love how fun and playful they are. 

I wanted to sew up something cute in a cactus print for summer, but couldn't find the right printed fabric for the look I was after. I wanted something that looked hand-drawn, but not too childish. Turns out, this wasn't easy to find. 

I had pretty much settled on waiting to try to find this... [read more]

Is it too early to be talking about the holidays? Actually, yes, it is. But us hand-maker-y types need to get an early start on presents! The best part of the holiday season (Mid-November through January 1st here, but your location may vary) is seeing family, but the second best is going to lots of holiday parties, from friendsgiving potlucks to glitzy New Year's Eve bashes. My usual go-to hostess gift is a bottle of wine but it's also nice to add a little handmade touch to your gifting, especially when people know you made your dress and want to get in on the action a little bit. Enter the perfect combination: hand-hemmed Spoonflower tea towel + literally whatever. I have had mixed results with Spoonflower fabric (I love their sport lycra but wasn't pleased with their cotton sateen, although that was also years and years ago) but I really love browsing... [read more]

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram the past couple weeks, you might know that I just got back from Camp Workroom Social on Monday. I got so many questions over the course of the weekend and wanted to share about my experience at Camp and answer your questions here! One thing to note […]

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Good quality needlecord fabric is hard to find but we have been so lucky to find five new prints, now in-store and online.

What is needlecord I hear you ask - well basically needlecord fabric has finer ribs than normal corduroy (typically a needlecord has 14 to 18 cords per inch) which means it is a lighter weight, finer looking fabric than normal corduroy. Did you know that the ribs (raised stripes in corduroy) are also called wales? No idea why!

Anyway, what matters is that needlecord is a great fabric for dressmaking with a warm, soft handfeel in a lighter weight fabric. All our needlecords are 100% cotton and 147cm wide.

First up is Harvest Blossom on Fuschia. This has a close pattern repeat and the flower stems are 4cm long. 

Harvest Blossom needlecord dressmaking fabric from More Sewing

Then there is the Polka Floral on Blue. This is a lovely bright floral fabric, my personal fave (a couple of... [read more]

It’s been a while since I showed you any of my finished garments, mostly because they’ve predominantly been using designs from my Sew Your Own Activewear book (which you can pre-order signed copies of now!) and I don’t want to show you too much too soon and risk it all feeling stale by the time January actually rolls around. But this one is just so bonkers and so much fun that I can’t help but share it now!

Ok, first things first – what is up with this fabric, eh?! Well, when we were at Stoff & Stil in Copenhagen back in May, I was in a bit of an overstimulated frenzy if you recall, and I just couldn’t stop laughing at this kittens and bunnies cotton jersey so I threw 1m in my cart just for a laugh!

I did feel a little bad cutting through their faces…

I had already made a few other samples of the Raglan Tee design from my book for myself, as... [read more]

Hi Sewists,

November will see TnT (Tried and Tested) Month for the Sewcialists so I wanted to share my  Tried and Tested shirt and blouse patterns to give you an insight into my experiences with the patterns. These are just some of the patterns I have tried over the course of the year ,but if I am completely honest, I’ve still trying to find my perfect ‘go to’ blouse pattern! These notes are written from experience and most are already on my blog, so find me over there or over on Instagram.

First up is the Rebecca Page Riviera Blouse which was released in July. It is great because it has quite a few options; it has options for a ruffled front, for side panels and for a ruffle style sleeve. I have made this twice now and I cut a size 3XL due to having a larger chest.

I made my first in a polyester I got in a fabric swap and I made the... [read more]

We are! Have you picked out your Designer Original and the supplies you need to make your Designer me-made COPY?  Or are you just in the planning stages – don’t worry … there are still about 45 days left before DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER 2017 begins!  Pull those ideas out, polish them off!   Ever since the first DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER I’ve seen many fabulous garments in the […]
I don't typically sew for other people. Mainly because I'm selfish, I don't get the same amount of joy making something for someone else as I do making it for myself.  Which is a bit awkward really especially when people are like  "Oh I like your dress!!!" "Why thank you I made it myself!" "Oh that's great! Will you make me one?" "No" "I'll pay you? I'll buy the fabric?" "No" In fact


Over the past few years since I’ve started sewing, I have tried to pick up some fabric at a local place (almost) every time Nick and I travel. At the end of August we turned one of his regular trips to Atlanta into a road trip and a vacation for me while he was busy starting his fall semester classes. This also gave us the opportunity to make a pit stop in the small town in Alabama in which we met a little over 6 years ago (awww!), but I know that’s not why you’re here. You’re here for me to tell you about some great fabric stores. So that’s what I’ll do.

So as any sane sewist would do, I scoured the web for various fabric stores that seemed promising and within a reasonable driving distance. While this list may seem small, I was trying to be considerate of my husband and friend who flew out to meet us and not make the ENTIRE trip about fabric... [read more]

I know, I know. I promised to keep up with the Knipmode reviews. Let's just say life got in the way. I did miss a few, although I managed to sew something from the October supplement while it was still September. Will show that in one of my next posts.
Anyway, with chaotic sewists like me in mind Knipmode decided to make the November issue the party special, giving us plenty of time to work on that Christmas outfit. Or plenty of time to procrastinate and get distracted by other shiny patterns of course.

Pattern overview

Looking at the pattern overview I was a little underwhelmed, feeling that this collection of dresses, jackets and pants could easily have been a regular collection for any month of the year. Apparently it's all about the fabric choices.

Lots of shiny jaquards, here used for a bomber jack and matching skirt. On the right the... [read more]
I'm back from vacation and a little blog break in the meantime. I'm up to my eyeballs in Halloween sewing, but I definitely made time to catch up on Project Runway. All this drama!

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: I thought it was cute to have Shopkins Super Fans help the designers, especially for an avant-garde challenge. If it were some sort of translate-to-the-real-world challenge I think that would have been more restrictive. What I didn't understand was why the fans weren't at the runway show?

Worst moments: We started this episode where the last one left off, with a dramatic storm-off by Michael and accusations of Claire cheating. The whole thing was kind of childish. Margarita made me want to throw things at my TV. She ran around the workroom tattling on Claire and then on the runway she claimed she wasn't the type of person to throw someone under the bus.... [read more]
Plum week continues! Today I'm sharing a plum-colored double gauze version of the Made by Rae Beatrix blouse on Imagine Gnats, but I'm talking about my wearable muslin (which also reads plum) here!

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I’m feeling so honoured! Helen and Caroline reached out to see if I’d like to chat about the Sewcialists, and of course I said yes!


Helen from Helen’s Closet and Caroline from Blackbird Fabric started the Love To Sew podcast in August, and I think they’ve been doing a fantastic job. They are chatty and warm, and I look forward to listening every week! Canada may have a small population, but between Love To SewMaker.Style and the Clothes Making Mavens podcasts, Canucks are taking over the airwaves!

Now, I’ll be honest – even though I’m a teacher, I get so nervous when I’m presenting or speaking! I had all kinds of notes for myself of things to remember to say (because, you know, it would be awkward to forget my own blog name or something!). Literally, I had notes on how to answer simple questions like “Tell us about yourself”. In the end, I... [read more]

In het vorige bericht vertelde ik al dat ik een tweede versie van het patroon had gemaakt. Dat is deze dus 🙂

As I said in the last post, I made another version of this pattern. Well, here it is 🙂



De stof is een stretch denim met een heel licht zilverkleurig printje. Ik heb de hals voor een beetje uitgediept, twee coupenaadjes in de hals van het achterpand gemaakt en verder de aanpassingen gedaan waar ik in de vorige post over vertelde: de coupenaden in het achterpand van de rok aangepast en de coupenaad in het bovenlijfje afgeknipt en afgelockt zodat de taillenaad niet zo lomp is. Resultaat: een perfecte jurk. Al zeg ik het zelf 😎

The fabric is a stretch denim with a subtle silvery print. I lowered the front neckline a bit, added two darts in the back neckline, and made the adjustments I wrote about in my last post: adjusting the darts in the skirt back... [read more]

If you are only here for the sewing, I’ll be back with more on Sunday. However, sewists are well-rounded people, too, and I just got back from a survivor retreat that I really want to tell about.


Pink Lemonade Project hosts several different kinds of retreats for Breast Cancer survivors, and I was able to attend one last weekend. The survivor retreats are small (limited to 10 participants) and are facilitated by two talented, dedicated professional oncology social workers. The venue (vista above) is beautiful and well-suited to the retreat (including that each woman had her own room and bathroom). And, they are currently free. (Really!)


I’m still processing everything that happened – building connections, feeling lots of emotions, being pampered, and envisioning my future – but I want to encourage you to attend... [read more]

I decided it was time to buy a new rotary cutter.  My old one was okay; I tried an Olfa cutter with a different grip at a sewing retreat a few months ago.  I liked the feel of it so I decided to let the old one go!
Old Faithful
I could not decide on the size I should get and Nancy's Notions had a special sale so I took advantage of the and bought two.

I also purchased this Fiskars Easy Change Fabric Cutter Knife.  It comes with three different blades used for different purposes.

Lastly, I needed a new cutting mat.  The one I had was bent/warped and not usable.  This is a folding mat which when opened it truly lays flat.

Hoping for some sewing time soon!!! 

My train arrives in Manchester at 12.30 on a very cold, but sunny Saturday in January 2017. I am literally chomping at the bit to get off the train. With a brief, absent-minded kiss to my husband, I rush as if hypnotised out of the train station. Never mind pedestrians, traffic, Saturday tourists. I am dragging my minuscule suitcase after me at an incredible speed. I almost run, filled with giddy excitement. It feels almost like a date, my heart rate is up, my cheeks are flushed. And finally, I arrive...

This post is part of a series describing what Automatticians do on a daily basis. You can read more posts like this by following the tag #a8cday on and Twitter.

When people ask what I do at Automattic, I can usually point them towards my A (semi) typical work day for me post.  A lot has changed since I wrote that last February, though, so I’d like to give you a glimpse into what I’m up to right now.

Just a quick background: I’m a Happiness Engineer on the WooCommerce Orion team, and have been working at Automattic for 18 months now. I’m doing a six month 50% rotation on Happiness Hiring; the rotation is from June until the end of December. That means I still do 50% support on WooCommerce, then handle applications, interviewing, and working with trials during the other 50% of my time.

6:45 – Alarm goes off.... [read more]

Trigger Warning: Suicide awareness


I have many doctors appointments and medical tests on a regular basis, but I still manage to not get effective care from many of my healthcare providers. My chronic cough remains undiagnosed and not effectively treated. My allergy attacks are getting more frequent and leaving me breathless and drugged on allergy meds and asthma meds. I have multiple joint issues that are left untreated and am told they will get worse, but there is no solution for stopping the degeneration. Doctors tend to eventually turn me out their doors with no available solution.


Because I am “not bad enough yet” and there is very little focus on preventative medicine. When you are “bad enough,” they treat you with the next step of care, but until then you are not given effective care.

When you get diagnosed... [read more]

Should we only buy fabric when we need to?

I had an interesting bit of feedback on my post about eco-friendly sewing spaces. My first point in that post was that we should buy…

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 Thank you to Indiesew for providing the fabric and pattern for this top!

I may have said last time that that was the last time I'd be making pajamas for a while, but what I really meant was that this time is the last. I'm just addicted to loungewear apparently! It helps that now that I have a serger, sewing up this type of project takes mere minutes...

Since I've been wearing my Sloane sweatshirt a ton lately, I wanted to make a little pair of matching lounge shorts, and then I decided that since the sweatshirt is too hot to wear as pajamas (at least in October in North Carolina!) I should really have a lighter-weight matching top to swap out... right? (Is this how your sewing decisions are made? Just me?) Allie had this lovely super-lightweight heather-grey knit in the Indiesew shop that I knew would be perfect as an oversized Santa Fe top--I'm on a... [read more]

If you don’t follow the excellent Facebook page A Mighty Girl you really should. Especially if you have any young girls in your life who you hope will have the best opportunities in life.

It’s current focus is highlighting the lack of choices for girls at Halloween. It’s sexy witches, sexy dead princesses, sexy vampires etc etc. When I was a kid I’d wear my mum’s nightie and a witches hat and be done with it (Scotland in the 1980’s).

Thankfully my youngest is at the age where she doesn’t have her choices constrained by her gender. That’s because she’s 18 months and hasn’t got a clue what’s going on. She does however bloody love the Gruffalo. We’ve read it every night and morning for about a month now. We’ve got it in Scots and English- Mr King reads the English version and I read the Scots one. The wee scone doesn’t even know it’s a different... [read more]

I am massively guilty of overlooking good patterns based on the cover. The New Look 6418 is a prime example of one of these little gems that's hiding behind a passable picture on the envelope in the back of my collection for a while - I think it was free in return for entering a competition, so it's likely that lots of you will have it in your stash too! As it turns out, view D is actually a fab make and now two of my new favourite skirts - dig your copies out!

New Look 6418 in faux suede
The overlooked cover
As well as the standard this-time-of-year-panic to make season-appropriate clothes, my priority has been to make fitted clothes that actually fit - I've been unwell over the summer and changed my diet, which has messed with my measurements. A fitted mini was top of the list - something to wear with thick tights and pair with jumpers/Fall... [read more]

I am still up at Camp Workroom Social today but wanted to keep on the #MeMadeMonday tradition and share my PJs I made for Camp Workroom Social! The Patterns The Linden Sweatshirt was one of my first knit garments that I made. It’s a classic sweatshirt silhouette with raglan sleeves, cuffs and hem band. It […]

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