The last piece I have to share that I made prior to PatternReview Weekend is an Edith blouse, made because of the Camp Shirt contest set for PR Weekend. I needed a button up, flat collar shirt, and since I've always meant to make Maria Denmark's Edith Dress, I thought that the blouse view would work for me here!

I measured the flat pattern and adjusted it slightly -- mainly adding in a bit of width on each side seam below the bust to the hem, as usual for my pearish figure. I didn't really make any other adjustments as I was sewing quickly on deadline and thought of this as my (hopefully) wearable muslin.

As it turns out, it fits amazingly well! The darts are a bit wonky, and I will have to lower and shorten the bust darts slightly, reduce the length of the front darts by about an inch or even a bit more, and both raise and shorten the back darts. This... [read more]

I had just about a meter leftover from the lovely Raystitch bamboo jerseys I used for the samples on my Craftsy class, and the fabric is too soft and wearable to leave marinading in my stash!

So I pulled out the Loose Fitting Top Block from my “Sew Your Own Activewear” book and managed to squeeze a teeshirt (minus a bit of hem length) out of each with hardly anything leftover!

I made these assembly-line style on a weekend and I’ve been wearing them loads to work. Since they’re bamboo they’re also great for leisurely cycle commutes or lunchtime Pilates classes, too (about the only activity I can really handle at the moment).

First up is the grey marl bamboo jersey one (modelled here by my lovely assistant, Susan!)…

…followed by the orchid bamboo jersey tee (much more of a purply-pink than it appears in these photos, and is already sold out on Raystitch’s site,... [read more]

I've been intrigued by this pattern since I opened the instructions and saw how it's constructed and how you put it on. I loved the idea! Pleasure to an engineer's eye 😂. I already had a piece of fabric that I bought to make a summer dress a couple of years ago and thought it'll suit this pattern.

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Ah summer- time for vacations and a more casual look at work-

Time for your aunt to pressure you into giving an internship to your niece Bea- the modern dance major-time to try out more casual styles in the office-Except you, Brenda- you have jury duty. Time for your boss to build a party cabana on the blistering roof and expect you to bbq. watch those sleeves, Enid- also watch that potato salad- it’s been in the heat for too long!Gees Alice- it’s hotdog or hamburger- you are totally holding up the line!?Oh sure Lila, while I’m up….again….ugh- who brought the boom box!?Photo credits:

In my last post, I talked about the incredible community we’ve built here in the last year since our relaunch, and how quickly it’s grown past all my expectations. We want to keep growing, and keep stretching our potential, which is why it’s time to make a few changes!

Most importantly, Sewcialists is quickly outgrowing what I can handle as a single coordinator. I wrote down the tasks I do for the Sewcialists recently, and it was about 70 jobs that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly! I can’t keep micromanaging all of that myself, on top of my career and personal blog. I’ve burned out on the Sewcialists once in 2015, and then needed a break from the Curvy Sewing Collective 2 years later. I’m determined not to burn out this time, so I’m bringing in some help!

I’m a proud Sewcialist, but I can’t do it all!

Moving forward, I’ll be one of... [read more]

Wow, it's been a REALLY long time between sewing project and blog posts. I have just NOT been feeling the sewing love recently and despite that I did sew two Mandy Boat Tees that had failed in a spectacular way (here and here) so that put me off sewing even more. One problem is that over the summer my arms seem to have expanded (probably due to overeating and not the humidity) so the sleeves on the Mandy Boat are too tight unless I use some crazy, super stretchy fabric. Hmmm....

However...I had kind of been feeling like perhaps I should be sewing something rather than spending all my free time binge watching Outlander and Scandal but couldn't think of what. I had seen the release of the York Pinafore pattern by Helen's Closet but dismissed as "not for me, not my style" until I heard her talking about it on her seemed like a simple sew, in my... [read more]

I would have thought that somewhere in my pattern stash, I had a pattern for a crew neck sweatshirt with set in sleeves.  Most of the patterns that I have either were raglan sleeved or were hoodies.  A quick look at the Big 4 patterns didn’t come up with any, even Kwik Sew.  I did find a couple of indi patterns that fitted the bill, but expensive for what they were.

At this point, I did seriously consider just buying a couple of sweatshirts.  I could get two for the price of the indi pattern and I didn’t have the hassle of finding matching ribbing.  The next time I was in town, I dropped into one of the chain stores to have a look.  I’d just be using them around the house and for working in the garden so the low quality was OK for what I was doing.  They’d last a couple of years, by which time they would be permanently stained and likely to have a few holes... [read more]

Seam Racer has very kindly nominated me for a “Mystery Blogger” Award!  I thank you kindly – I am so honoured you thought of me! “Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and […]
Susan recently released her new Emma racer back bralette and slip.

Did you see the dark moody floral version she made?

She’s developed this style because traditional straps on nightwear and slips just don’t work for her shoulder shape. Racer back tops are really supportive for gymwear so I wanted to road test this pattern out.
The slip I made was such a game changer for me. The straps are so supportive. The upper bust holds to me firmly. The skirt on the slip lends itself to applying all sorts of gorgeous knit lace.

I was able to use up bra elastic, bra notions and black tricot that I had in my stash.
There are also lace remnants used to on the bra cups.
The lace on the hem was bought last week.

Susan's a friend and she gave me this pattern to test. Yes I admire her work and ability to develop patterns that are different and useful.

It’s Winter here and I tend to wear slips... [read more]

The Nylon Coil Zippers by the yard are now available in more colors.  As an introductory offer,  you can get them 40% OFF. Zipper tapes are #5 that you can use with one or two pulls (the zipper is two ways).  They are YKK quality, … Read More

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The story of a pink dress, the postpartum body that it would never fit, and a new sense of love and acceptance for being larger and softer than before. Because my body is amazing and it deserves a dress that fits

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Hi friends! Just a quick note to let you know that the latest episode of the Clothes Making Mavens podcast dropped a few days ago. I interviewed Kate Ng from Time to Sew on the topic of sustainable sewing. If you’ve ever wondered about the environmental impact of fabric manufacturing, or felt a bit guilty about chucking fabric scraps into the landfill, this episode is for you! And, if you haven’t listened to a sewing podcast before, now’s the time to start! A podcast is the perfect company while you sew. Even if your hands and eyes are occupied with sewing, your ears haven’t got anything to do — so give them a treat and check out Episode 22. 🙂

Kate Ng from Time to Sew
Kate from Time to Sew

Even though Kate lives in London, England, she was here in Toronto earlier this month so we managed to meet up for a cup of tea and some fabric... [read more]

I have a trio of totally game changing shirts to show you today, all made and worn aplenty during (Me Made) May - if you caught my round up posts then you'll have already seen them pop up a number of times. As ever, I realised my desperate lack of tops early on in the month, so whipped up my first cropped hack of the Named Clothing Reeta Shirt Dress with some #sewingleftovers. Then came another, also in leftovers, and finally a third version in fabric bought from Stoff & Stil on a recent trip to Berlin. It's a really easy, quick and versatile hack, and a new-to-me wardrobe staple.
Reeta Shirt in white crepe
Reeta Shirt in leftover suiting fabric from a recent project

Fabric: The white one is made of a leftover crepe/poly mix that's been in my stash for years and the black pinstripe version is a cheap suiting poly/viscose

Original garment made: The white... [read more]
So far as I can tell sewing tools come in two categories. Your average run of the mill type bits like needles and pins which start off cheap and can be more expensive depending on what quality you want and bits and pieces you don't really need but kind of do that are really blooming expensive for what they are.  I desperately wanted a tailors clapper for ironing stubborn wool fabrics.
A whole year ago I made my first hoodie dress, and it has proved to be an absolute wardrobe staple. My original dress was made with the ‘Hide Away Hoodie’ pattern from an Ottobre magazine, which became my starting point for making a similar dress for my friend Jody. She liked her first dress so […]
Me-Made-May seems such a long time away now, but I still owed you pictures of the second part of my DIY 10x10 challenge. Me-May-Made is an annual challenged in the maker community when we pledge to wear our hand-made wardrobe more than we usually do, be it one item each day or entirely hand-made throughout the month. My personal challenge this year was inspired by the Style Bee 10x10 Challenges, where you need to choose 10 items to be styled into 10 outfits over 10 days. So I decided to put together 3 capsules in May, which consisted of at least 70% hand-made, and style them into different outfits, each containing at least one handmade item each day. I was partially successful in my challenge, and I achieved two of the there capsules. I continued to wear all handmade for the remaining 10 days, I just could not figure out a theme to build a capsule around... [read more]

Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do in the community.

Members of Automattic’s Happiness team have traveled to Southeast Asia three times since last September to meet people in communities across the region. Our goal? To encourage people based in South Asia to apply to join us in supporting, WooCommerce, and Jetpack users.

In January 2018, the Happiness Engineer Hiring team, our Events Team, and Mahangu Weerasinghe, a Happiness team lead, collaborated to take a slightly different approach to recruitment in the region. Automattic is a company that aims to build a diverse and inclusive work environment, yet we’d been seeing significantly lower numbers of women applying from South and Southeast... [read more]

Just listed these two upcycled jean and belt shoulder bags. Plenty of pockets, inside and out. Similar but different designs, unique every time.

This one with a buttoned back pocket is available: here

& this one with a zippered back pocket is available: here


Though the beauty of making a garment for yourself is that you can make it to fit you exactly, there are certainly still reasons you may want to make a garment adjustable. The Tropo Camisole is designed to have straps of a set length, sewn from fold-over elastic (FOE), but whether you’re sewing for a friend who can’t try on the camisole, know that your body will be changing size (remember that the Tropo Camisole has a nursing option!), don’t want to have to worry about the elastic stretching out over time, or just like the lingerie-inspired look, adjustable straps are a great option!

To change your Tropo Camisole straps into lingerie-inspired adjustable straps you will need more fold-over elastic (FOE), 2 rings, and 2 sliders. You want your rings and sliders to be sized so that the FOE fits nicely in them when it is folded in half. In this example... [read more]

I recently made this Mcalls M7542 for Minerva Crafts, you can view the full blog post here but here are a few sneak peak pictures!




Love Claire xx

Not going to lie…I feel a liiiittle silly writing a Summer Sewing Plans list when my husband and I are about to have a newborn enter our lives. However, I’m hoping I’ll be able to find small pockets of time to sew, so of course I want a sewing list to go along with it.

As always, I’m going to try to keep the list realistic, but I’m also going to show myself grace if/when I don’t get to finish everything on my list. And considering I rarely finish everything on my seasonal lists sans kid, I doubt that’ll change when R comes. 🤷🏻‍♀️

On to the list!

  • Alder Shirtdress – I made my first Alder last summer and I love love love it! For this version, I plan on sewing View A using some Nani Iro I picked up at the Cloth Pocket while my husband and I were in Austin.
  • Fairfield Buttonup – I cut this out at the beginning of Spring, but never got around to sewing it.... [read more]
His: Vogue 8964
Hers: Closet Case Carolyn

Nice pajama sets are something that I love to wear but go back and forth on making. It seems silly to spend so much time doing a lot of fiddly sewing that really, no one is going to see (um, if you don't have a sewing blog). Once I'm done, of course, I love the results and practically live in them--precisely because no one sees them, you end up wearing your pjs more frequently than other clothes!

I've had these flamingo pajamas cut out for literally years; you've probably seen them hanging in a little ziplock bag taped to my sewing studio wall in some of my instagram stories! The time finally arrived for me to, you know, actually sew them. And since pjs for Alex were on my #menswearmakenine why not knock out two pairs at once?

Not much to say about the Carolyns that hasn't already been said. Had I not already had... [read more]
Handbags aren't really my thing. I tend to carry a lot of stuff around so I usually have a backpack or tote bag on me, and sewing my own isn't really something I'm interested in! However, I felt like I could use something bigger than a backpack for short trips, and decided to give the Portside Duffel bag a try!

I had all the fabrics in my stash already, and only had to source the hardware. The black fabric is a basic black cotton twill reinforced with some heavy interfacing, and I used some heavy upholstery-type stuff I once found in a second hand shop for the contrast. It kind of looks like a grandma's couch, so... I guess that means I'm into making things that look like sofas now?

I didn't really change anything about the pattern, apart from adding zippers to the side pockets. I thought these would be more useful if I could close them and it turned out... [read more]

I was browsing through my Instagram feed a few months ago when I saw a post by Ernie about some Swedish designers who made absolutely crazy-complicated 3D patterns and I was instantly hooked! I mean, cos you know me and pattern puzzles, right?? If I can’t work out how a pattern goes together by just looking at it, I’m immediately drawn to it!

Atacac are primarily RTW designers but they released a bunch of their RTW designs as downloadable “sharewear” patterns. They’re only in one size (size “3” on their size chart), but this happened to be my size anyway, and as it turns out, this particular tee is quite loose-fitting anyway.

Ernie opted to make the Pod Driver Jacket (more on her site here), but I was drawn more to their knit patterns. Also, it seemed wise to start with one that had fewer pattern pieces rather than jump right in to, say, the Screw... [read more]

A year ago, I took a deep breath, and hit “publish” on a post announcing that the Sewcialists was coming back to life! The Sewcialists blog was first started in 2013 as a space for community theme months, but this time I also wanted to fill a gap in the sewing community for a progressive, diverse, inclusive community where many voices were heard.

I talked with a friend right after the relaunch, and I remember her asking, “You keep saying “we”! Who do you have helping you out?” I gulped, and told her “So far it’s just me, but I really hope some people will join me!”


Flash forward to today, and we have nearly 10 000 followers on Instagram, and the participation in our theme months nearly doubles every time! But what matters most to me is that we’ve featured over 100 different sewists in our posts this year, which means a lot of voices have... [read more]

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