One of the (many) things I took away from Blogtacular was that I need to be myself. Especially here. So, with that in mind, and because I’m feeling like finding my niche has given the blog a fresh start, this is me…

Thimble End | A sustainable sewing blog

I’m Victoria, but most people call me Toria. I’ve never liked being called Vicky. I’m from Birmingham, well, Solihull if you’re being technical, and have lived here my whole life aside from a year spent in Manchester after I graduated.

My degree was in Primary Education, with a specialism in History, and I loved every minute of it (despite the debt I’m still in over ten years later). Teaching was the only thing I ever wanted to do. I worked in a school in Birmingham, and that’s where I met Andy who was our IT guy.

I have endometriosis and was told that, without IVF, I would never have children. Somehow I managed to beat those odds twice and have two daughters, Eleanor... [read more]