Heeeey Guys,

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was OK, but I wasn't entirely happy with two different sewing projects I worked on and I had to postpone plans to go surfing, so all in all even though the weekend wasn't bad, I'm feeling a bit under accomplished.  Wah wah.. how were all of your weekends? Finish/work on any cool projects?

Anyways, I don't have pictures of any completely new FOs, but a couple weeks back I took pictures of the Named Nascha mini skirt muslin I made before I used my precious batik from Minerva crafts when I made this bad boy.  Since I didn't put a full post up on my blog for that one, I thought I would share the muslin with you all...which by the way... I still have all intentions of wearing.

I think it's already pretty apparent from the above pic but in case you can't tell or didn't read the last post... or you forgot... [read more]