Vogue Patterns Magazine, June July 2017 ran a story on digital fabric printing.

They mentioned a company I had not known about, PAOM (Print All Over Me)
So I went online.
SJ, Gal Reporter, at your service.

Like Zazzle and friends, you can print your designs on preselected physical items, 
tshirts and backpacks and such.
But Vogue mentions yardage and gave prices.

So let's go.

It looks a lot like the other sites' pages. They do let you rotate and scale up, which is pretty rocking. Spoony don't do that.

In the name of reducing the "long posts with too many screen shots" I'm guilty of, 
I'm skipping all the front pages. I want to make yardage, and their Basic and Current Editions do not contain fabric 

I gotta go to the PAOM plan editions

This looks like what I want

I'm saving

And I'm redirected to a membership page. That's cool. There's a free standard option.

And... [read more]