Editor’s note: The latest installment in our Sewing for My Curves series is from the lovely Sneha, who blogs at SewingCurves and is also on Instagram at @sewingcurvesblog

What are your measurements/body shape?

Bust: 43″, waist: 37″, hips: 43″, bra size: 40DD (but that’s debatable), height: 5’3.5″, inseam: 30″

Typical pattern size: 16/18/20.

Typical size in RTW: 14 top, 14 bottom but that’s ever-changing depending on the time of day.

Body shape: Currently a rectangle.

I was always what I considered an hourglass, measuring 43″-34″-43″ until last year when I got pregnant with my second baby. I’m three months post partum now, and my waist hasn’t really gone back to what it was. I see a pronounced bulge in my abdomen, what is affectionately called “mommy’s apron” though I feel little affection for it. That bit is what is pushing me into completely unfamiliar... [read more]