Thank you to Indiesew for providing this pattern as part of their blogger network.

Sometimes on a Friday night you just want to cozy up in a sweatshirt and catch up on blogs with a glass of wine, and sometimes you want to dress up in your ruffliest outfit and fake lashes and throw a silly dance party with your girlfriends. This is the magical sweatshirt that is totally appropriate for both.

The Sloane Sweatshirt is my first Named Clothing pattern, but it won't be my last! (No, seriously, I'm working on another one right now.) I'm also like the only person in the world who still hasn't made an Inari, sorry. I had a few different ideas for this sweatshirt. I knew I wanted to use a classic heather grey fabric (this french terry is from Mulberry Silks and it's cosy and soft and wonderful) but I wasn't sure how I wanted to change up the design. I was going... [read more]