Pony Tank | Handmade by Lara Liz

Summer is in full swing here in the Washington, DC area – we’ve had a lot of days around the 90 degree mark and as probably the only person who LOVES that heat – I could not be more thrilled. With the warm weather, I’ve been on the search for some awesome summer patterns and when the Pony Tank from Chalk and Notch came out last week, it flew immediately to the top of my sewing queue.

Pony Tank | Handmade by Lara LizPony Tank | Handmade by Lara Liz

I’ve made a few other of the Chalk and Notch patterns and loved them so I knew I would love this one too! The Waterfall Raglan was such a good weekend staple during the winter and spring and I had the opportunity to test sew the Farrah which is a work week staple for me!

I actually got the Pony Tank for free by subscribing to the Chalk and Notch newsletter (it’s unfortunately not free anymore) which was such a win because I think I’ll be making this tank a million more times! So... [read more]