Did any of you know the collective term for a group of zebras? A freaking dazzle. How seriously cool is that? Which is even cooler as it means Mini Me and I are a Dazzle ourselves after my latest makes.

Scotland has been experiencing a bit of a heatwave recently. For those not familiar with the Scots tongue the phrase you need to know for hots day is ‘taps aff’. Aka white pasty men with wobbly bits take their tshirts off and wander around like they are gods gift.

Me on the other hand would rather not scare the horses. My top is staying firmly on despite the heat.

But I’m still too hot so I needed a nice cool cotton top.

This New Look pattern is an oldie but a goodie. It was the first pattern I ever bought and I was aghast at the instructions that it should take 2 hours. It took me an entire week to make this the first time I did it. And that involved unpicking... [read more]