And just like that, summer is over! I guess there’s technically a couple more weeks of summer, but I’m dreaming of fall over here.  I talked about my lofty summer sewing goals here, and I’m back today to share everything I’ve made since! In the past, I have tried doing monthly sewing goals, but it never really worked out all that well.  However, creating a flexible list that spanned a few months worked out pretty well! With the exception of a few items, I crossed off a good chunk of my list for the summer. This is a pretty lengthy post, but I’m going to try to keep it as short as possible!

Items I finished in June:


Highlands Wrap Dress \ Ruffled Ogden Cami \ Farrah Blouse


Click here to read about my Highlands Wrap Dress!

Ruffled Ogden Cami – I raised both the front and back necklines several inches and added a ruffle (obviously).  Maddie, from [read more]