How’s tricks?

1920’s.  I can’t quit you.  So here’s another 20’s ensemble. 🙂  This time, it’s the Decades of Style 1920’s Tier-riffic Ensemble.

I used some gorgeous hemp silk from Organic Cotton Plus, that I was given in exchange for a review.  I had never sewn with hemp before and it sounded interesting and a good fabric for this dress.  The fabric was un-dyed and I wanted to try dyeing it, so Organic Cotton Plus also sent me the procion dye and soda ash to dye the fabric and experiment with.  This fabric was so nice with a beautiful sheen and it resembled linen.  It’s a kind of a light midweight fabric and opaque and just gorgeous.

I thoroughly read the directions and followed them for the first time that I dyed the fabric.  The only thing was that I did not have was enough salt in the dye and I’m not certain if that effected the... [read more]