Hi All,

Chloe here again to do one final wrap on the TNT month.  This one is a little different — no pictures of clothes… Just glorious numbers (well actually, graphs).

I am (self-proclaimed) resident nerd/geek at the Sewcialists, so obviously I decided to track the stats of everything posted during TNT month.


I didn’t really anticipate just HOW MANY posts there might be, or just HOW MANY things I might want to track (designers, clothing types, numbers of makes etc.).  Having said that, I am so glad I did this.  I am completely fascinated by the results, which can be summarised as:

  • We like indie designers
  • We like dresses, then T-shirts best
  • Some patterns are stand out in their category as very very popular
  • If we sew for other people, we haven’t found TNTs for them or don’t care about posting them for this (most people seemed to be... [read more]