Quilting cotton is so fun. It totally is. It comes in about a million adorable and awesome prints, it is super easy to work with, washes well, and it fairly inexpensive. Did I mention the awesome array of prints? Yeah. I love it too. But ultimately quilting cotton is intended for making, well, quilts.

One of the best ways to level up your sewing it to make the switch from using craft fabrics to using apparel fabrics. I know this can feel like a big change because it can feel a little bit like a gamble. Basic cottons are familiar. The quality varies, but the way they sew and drape is consistent. It’s also really good to beginner sewing projects like elastic waist skirts, fit and flare dresses, and pajama pants.

Quilting cotton dress. Such a great print!

As our sewing skills grow, it is well worth investigating all the wonderful types of fabrics... [read more]