Your bodice is complete, your skirt is attached, your zipper is in, your bodice lining is all sewn up... time to hem!

I love love love horsehair braid, it's a very nice addition to a full skirt such as this one and once you get the technique down, it's an easy way to hem a skirt and adds gorgeous movement and body into your skirt. If you've ever made a circle skirt, you know that hemming them can be such a pain, and what a difference it makes to use single-fold bias tape as a facing. This is my preferred method for hemming anything curved, for example, the flounce and hem of this top, where you can see the bias tape peeking out. (Here's a tutorial if you don't know what I'm talking about.) Since horsehair braid is flexible, it does basically the same thing as bias tape with the added bonus of giving your hems a little extra boost of... [read more]